Gettel Collision Center

Our Gettel Collision Center, with factory-trained collision technicians, services the Punta Gorda, FL area.

  • Our collision technicians are certified by Automotive Service Excellence (A.S.E.) and trained by the Inter-industry Conference on Auto body Repair (I-CAR). We take repairing your damaged vehicle to a higher standard, because your safety is our main concern.
  • We have access to millions of dollars in parts, and many repairs can be done in under 3 days thanks to our Express Collision Service.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer parts will keep your vehicle performing at its best. It’s important to remember that any insurance companies will substitute aftermarket parts, even though they are not covered by your new car manufacturer’s warranty.

Your insurance company may present you with a list of repair facilities, but you’re not obligated to choose from them. They can’t legally require you to use a particular repair facility.

Ask those closest to you for recommendations; you should look for a facility with a long history of satisfied customers and testimonials. Also, you should look for an organized and clean facility with a trustworthy and knowledgeable staff.

Some shops may offer to discount your deductible to get you to leave the vehicle. Take caution, work is never free. Oftentimes, a shortcut is being taken to save costs. You should insist on the best repair possible for your vehicle by a trained and certified technician.

Excellence through Continued Education & Certification

Gold Class logo and ASE Certified

Our technicians are trained by I-CAR, the training institute for auto body repair professionals. We use the latest in technology to evaluate, repair and refinish your vehicle. At Gettel Collision Center, we are committed to setting the standard for excellence and your trust.

We have worked with some of the best insurance companies

We know that having an auto accident can be stressful, but Gettel Collision Center located in Punta Gorda, FL helps take away the pain, and delivers you a car that has regained its originality, guaranteed.

Mechanic buffing the paint of a car at an auto body shop

Gettel Collision Center repairs all makes and models. Helping our customer’s individual needs is our primary focus. Whether you are paying “out-of-pocket” or with an insurance company, we work with every major carrier so you’ll pay as little as possible.

If making a claim is your best course of action, we’ll contact your insurance company and arrange for an appraisal. We’ll also arrange for a car rental that meets your budget. And most importantly, we’ll work with the insurer to get the repair done right. Your vehicle will drive just as it did before the accident plus maintain its value, guaranteed.

We’ll make the entire process easy for you with our experience, training and education.

Which is better for my vehicle – overall or spot painting?

Overall, painting is often a great choice for restoring the surface of older vehicles. An older car has depreciated, and a complete repainting can increase value. Spot painting is the best way to protect the value of newer vehicles. We only paint where necessary, matching that paint perfectly.

Can you match the paint color exactly?

Yes, and we take great pride in our ability to match factory finishes. Our Certified refinish technicians use the same paint and processes as the best dealers and body shops.

How soon will I get my car back?

Our production line approach greatly reduces repair times. We’ll get you back on the road quicker, usually in under four days.

Should I pay for an accident repair myself or let my insurance company handle it?

Many people choose to pay for minor accident repairs “out-of-pocket,” and we’re happy to discuss cost-saving options with you. We’ll also work with your insurance company so you don’t have to.

Why can’t I get an estimate over the phone?

Each vehicle is different, and when you bring yours in we’ll make sure you receive an accurate estimate, free of charge.

Can I change the vehicle’s color?

Yes, but in most cases, it’s best to keep the current color. Painting the inside of the trunk lid, doors and hood can be very expensive and time-consuming.

Why can’t I view samples of your color options online?

The best way to view colors, and to achieve a perfect match, is in the correct light and with assistance from one of our “Certified” refinish technicians. We have thousands of colors to select from. Our colors boast a lifetime guarantee against fading and peeling.

We Make it Easy

“Replacement Crash Parts” are the parts typically replaced during the repair of a damaged vehicle. These parts include: fenders, hoods, doors, bumper systems and related structural components.

Warranties for the replacement crash parts listed on an estimate are provided by the manufacturer or distributor.

Replacement Crash Parts Types:

NEW OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer )

Parts which are made by the vehicle manufacturer or one of its licensees and distributed through its normal channels. These parts maintain the OEM Vehicle Factory Warranty for the replacement part and any other adjoining or associated OEM parts or systems.


Parts that are made by companies other than the vehicle manufacturer or its licensees. All parts in this category are warranted by the distributor and /or manufacturer of these parts.


Used parts and assemblies which have been removed from another vehicle.


Parts which have been returned to like-new condition by re-matching, repairing or rebuilding. All parts in this category are warranted by the part manufacturer.

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