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Brakes in Punta Gorda, FL

When it comes to keeping your car in the best shape, we know that you want to be sure that it is safe and reliable. And because we want to do our best to make sure that you can trust your car and feel confident driving it, our expert technicians are trained to take care of your brakes. We service all of our customers’ vehicles at Gettel Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, and we offer a comprehensive range of brake repair services. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with models like the one you’re driving, so they can diagnose and fix any brake problems quickly and efficiently. Whether you have a problem with your brakes or need routine maintenance, we’re here for you.

How Can I Tell if My Brakes Need Servicing?

It’s a sound you know all too well — the grinding of metal on metal. It’s not just an unpleasant noise; it’s a warning that something is wrong with your car’s brake system. There are several warning signs that indicate that you need brake service. If you notice any of the following signs below, bring your vehicle into our dealership for an inspection and brake repair!

Your brakes feel hard to press or feel mushy

You hear squealing, screeching or crunching noises

Your vehicle pulls too much to the right or left, not in a straight line

You feel a vibration in the brakes or steering wheel when braking

Your brake light comes on

If your vehicle is displaying any of these problems, don’t wait — bring your vehicle in for repairs.

Why Choose Gettel Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM for Brake Repair

Our technicians will do a thorough exam of your brakes, which include:

  • We check to ensure your brakes have even wear and measure the thickness of the brake pads/shoes.
  • We ensure that the brake lines and master and wheel cylinder aren’t leaking.
  • We check the rotors for hot spots and runouts.
  • We inspect the calipers for wear, any fluid leaks and proper movement.
  • We ensure the anti-lock brake sensors are working correctly.
  • We test the hardware and make adjustments when necessary.
  • We check brake fluid conditions and levels.

When you schedule a brake service with us, we provide even more benefits like:

  • Certified technicians that are trained specifically CDJR models
  • Specialized equipment to get the job done right the first time
  • Premium parts made for your vehicle
  • A complimentary vehicle loaner
  • Warranties on parts and labor
  • Lounge and business centers with complimentary Wi-Fi

We’re not just saying we want you to be happier and safer on the road — we’re doing something about it. Schedule your next service appointment with our team today!

If you have any questions about your vehicle’s brakes, contact us today or stop by our dealership at 2323 Tamiami Trl, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 . We look forward to serving our customers near Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice and Fort Myers.